Dept. of Fisheries Technology

Fisheries Technology Department is one of the flourishing department in the Faculty of Fisheries, HSTU. Now-a-days, proper utilization of fisheries resources, development of fisheries products and by-products, and maintenance of quality particularly for frozen food products are emphasized in Bangladesh. On the perception of postharvest technology, the department offers more advanced and applied courses on Fishing Technology, Fisheries Microbiology, Fish Handling and Preservation, Fish Processing Technology, Microbiology of Fishery Products, Fishery Products and By-products, Marine Food Chemistry, and Quality Control of Fishery Products at undergraduate level. The department also offers a graduate program leading to MS degree. Current major researches focus on biochemical and microbiological aspects of fish processing, quality and shelf life enhancement of fish and fishery products, efficient utilization of fisheries products and by-products, utilization of marine resources, bioactive natural products, lipid biotechnology, flavor chemistry, quality control, microbiology and food safety of fish and fishery products.
Dr. Md. Ferdous Mehbub

Md. Faridullah

Dr. Md. Reazul Islam

Ulfat Jahan Lithi

Vikash Chandra Roy

Jasmin Naher