The Faculty of Fisheries of HSTU was opened in 2004. It caters to the academic need of one of the most important sectors of our economy. Water is one of the greatest resources of Bangladesh with immense potential for development. The country is blessed with vast number of rivers and its tributaries, canals, lakes, ponds and other large and small water bodies. Proper development of these water bodies can have great impact on our economy and nutritional status. This calls for proper aquaculture and management of the water bodies. One prime objective of this Faculty is to produce highly trained graduates to develop the fisheries resources of the country. Degrees Offered: B.Sc. in Fisheries.

Students’ Association Of Faculty of Fisheries

What is SAFF?
The Abbrevation of SAFF is “Students’ Association Of Faculty of Fisheries” . It is one of the most active association under the Fisheries faculty of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University.
What is The Activity of SAFF ?

  • Social Activites.
  • Cultural Program Arrangement.
  • Manage Several indoor and Outdoor Game.

What is the Selection Method of SAFF?

In Every Level there are 3 representative members which can selected  by his own level Students vote. The 3 Representative Member work as:

  • Level 4 : Vice-president, Students Welfare Secretary, General Member
  • Level 3 : General Secretary, Join Secretary, Organizing Secretary
  • Level 2 : Publishing Secretary, Sports Secretary, General Member
  • Level 1 : Active Member, Active Member, Active Member

Who are The Current Association Member of SAFF ?

  1. President : Professor Nahid Akhter
  2. Vice-president : Rokibul Alam Rokib
  3. General Secretary : Delowar Hossain
  4. Students Welfare Secretary : Mohammad Rohan
  5. General Member : Mahmudul Hasan Rumon
  6. Joint Secretary : A.R Mohiuddin
  7. Organizing Secretary : Zehad Rafsan
  8. Publishing Secretary : Shohanur Shuvo
  9. Sports Secretary : Rabby Sheikh
  10. General Member : Mahamud Rubab
  11. Active Member : Shakil Hossain
  12. Active Member : Md. Shohanur Rahman Shuvo
  13. Active Member : Golam Rabbani Mithu

সভা নং তারিখসভার বিষয়গৃহীত সিদ্ধান্ত
২২.১৭-০২-২০১৯১। ফুটবল টুর্নামেন্ট (এমবিএসকে)।
২। L-1,S-2 এর ছাত্রকে আর্থিক সহায়তা।
৩। একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি।